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The NEC invests heavily in its choice of roller shutter doors for the new complex. A major factor was durability, repeatability with reliability so quality high end rollers was the only choice. We also paid the extra for heavy duty 3 phase motors for continuous use in the larger units and single phase motors in the smaller units. A single chain mechanism was a cheaper option by far but if we we're put off by this than electrically operated roller doors then so would our new tenants. Consideration was also given to the size of the roller doors so we opted for bigger than standard and went for the 3 meters high x 3 meters wide, plenty of room for machinery, large vans and forklifts so we could cater for all or most industries. Cutting costs and cutting corners normally always works out more expensive in the long run and that's not what we, the NEC is about, getting it right first time with quality in mind is. Something we have adopted in the re development of the whole site across the complex.


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