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To put the Network Enterprise Complex on the map the decision was taken to advertise on Wessex FM radio, although all the industrial units at the NEC were now reserved and some even occupied at the time of the advertisment we wanted to let people know the complex was here on Portland and Open 4 Business.

And what better way, Wessex FM has evolved into much more than just a radio station, this is what they say, "We are now a multimedia communications platform in every sense of the phrase.

Wessex FM is now consumed through the web, mobile and social media as well as traditional radio. We allow your business to reach our audience, your potential customers, in all these ways, promoting your business more effectively than ever before.

Listeners choose us because we are a locally-focused station at the heart of the community. We really are first for news! If a big story unfolds or something extraordinary happens in the area we are there to seize the moment."

We decided to go for a Thunderbird's theme and we actually wrote some of the scripts in the advert working along side Wessex FM's producers which was fun and we felt like film Directors..! 

The finished result was impact and memorable which was our main objective which proved a big success, so successful that we incorporated the theme into the website which you can hear on the homepage introduction.

If or when an industrial unit becomes available at the NEC, we have the option to re run the advert again at a greater reduced price now all the hard work is done. Because of the great success of the Network Enterprise Complex a phase two is already being discussed and we can use the same advert to promote the second phase, result!

Big thanks to Laura McManus, Head of Sales, Andrew Parry, Creative Writer, Kayleigh Harrison, NEC Administrator, Calvin Samways, NEC Director and the Wessex FM team.


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