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The Network Enterprise Complex is delighted to announce and congratulate our senior administrator Kayleigh Harrison on becoming our very first Employee of the Year winner for 2018 for her outstanding performance, commitment and dedication. Kayleigh has this year gone over and above board running both Sea-NC Engineering and the Network Enterprise Complex's administration side of the businesses, but not only that,  Kayleigh's heart and soul is in the job and she conducts her duties with a passion with professionalism.




We believe as a company it is so important to recognise and reward employees for significant contributions to the ongoing development of the company and going the extra mile. So this year we decided as an achiever and a significant contributor to both companies a significant award was in order to show our appreciation. We asked Kayleigh if there was anything in her life that we could do to help make things a little easier for her and that was to simply fix her ageing washing machine which had broken down twice in the last month. So by adopting Kayleigh's positive attitude towards work and going the extra mile, we decided we would also go the extra mile and purchase Kayleigh a brand new fitted washing machine of her choosing which brought quite a few tears of emotion and happiness to say the least.

Kayleigh said " I just couldnt believe what i was hearing and never in a million years did i expect that, it was so overwhelming and has already made a huge difference and has taken all that worry and frustration away" 

Managing Director Calvin Samways commented " Kayleigh is such a loyal and hard working individual and she never asks for anything, taking on the extra work of the Network Enterprise Complex and being responsible for both the companies administration is quite simply outstanding and so well deserved, thank you Kayleigh"


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