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The Network Enterprise Complex

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We're Here to Help

The Network Enterprise Complex is dedicated to helping businesses and the people who run them grow and succeed.

Bespoke Support

Running your own business can feel like being thrown in the deep end without arm bands, we're here to throw you a life line.

Navigation & Guidance

The NEC can act as a sounding board for your ideas and help you network with other companies and organisations.

Business Advice

Running a business or new start up can be tough, it’s reassuring to know where you can go to seek business advice.

Keeping Business

in Business

Nurturing relationships with our business clients is a crucial part of our ethos, we offer a unique and individual approach encouraging growth and success.

Inspiration & Collaboration

The NEC business hub is here to inspire and support our business tenants, we're passionate about business and the long term growth and sustainability of our clients. We provide an environment of collaboration and operate as a collective so you don't feel isolated, help and advice is always at hand and our door is always open.

Sharing innovative ideas with encouragement, experience and sound advice is invaluable. No matter what type of business you have, an SME or a new start-up, the business principles are all the same so everyone who attends the hub benefits.


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NEC Hub Testimonial

  • The Business Hub is an informative source of help and advice offered to our business tenants at the NEC and best of all it's completely free. The founder of the Network Enterprise Complex has been in business for more than fifteen successful years. His first round in the business arena began when he was just eighteen years of age but after the twelfth slogging round he was eventually knocked out. That was back in the late eighties where he was young and naive but like any determined boxer, business and a passion to succeed is in his blood, so you could say he knows his way around the boxing ring. The founder of the NEC commented, "failures and mistakes we learn from, we become wiser and stronger inheriting business acumen with survival instincts which we begin to believe in and these inner instincts very rarely let us down. This mainly comes from the experience in business and the path to success with a mindset of, failure is not an option, there is always a way. This is the direction we would like to see our business tenants strive for, to succeed and grow, their success is our success which is so rewarding to watch and visually see as these companies evolve and grow, if we can help, we most certainly will"
    Calvin Samways NEC Business and Enterprise Director
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Clients Testimonials

  • I've found the hub invaluable to my business and feels like someone is genuinely on our side. It has given us direction, control and visibility that we did not have before.
    Steven Billet Managing Director
  • A new start up business is tough going but with the down to earth help and advice I received from the Hub it has made everything so much easier and less stressful for me.
    Jordan Green Managing Director
  • Calvin is just next door, if I'm unsure of anything he always finds the time to stop and listen to my concerns and I always walk away with a spring in my step!
    Mathew Stone Managing Director
  • The business hub is great networking, the door is always open, I have picked up a few contracts within the community and its a welcome source of help and advice.
    Nick Gault Managing Director
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From corporation tax to VAT, we can show you how to plan ahead, reduce your tax and advise you how to be as tax efficient as possible.

Corporation Tax

Health and safety can be a major issue for the smaller organisation, and new start ups which is why we offer our NEC business tenants guidance and support.

Health and Safety

We have evolved over the years with our business development, increased profits, revenues, growth and expansion, we can help with your business development too.

Business Development

Strategic decision making tends to get a bit blurry and you can end up at a crossroads, our door is always open to listen to your concerns and what path to take.

Strategic Decisions

Your company may be running smoothly enough, but you know things could be better if you focus on improving the efficiency of your business, we can help with that.


An effective website is the cornerstone of any business's marketing strategy, we design and build our own premium websites in house and we can show you how.

Digital Marketing

Taking on a new employee for the first time can be daunting, from payroll, contracts of employment, working hours and pensions, talk to us, we can show you how.


Management consists of creating corporate policy and organising, planning, controlling, and directing your company in the right direction, we can guide you that way too.



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