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We are pleased to announce Matt Stone of Pirate Island Motorcycle Parts to the Network Enterprise Complex, Matt has built up his business over the years with hard work, determination and a clear vision for the future of his business and where he is want's to take it. After working out of several lock up's which he has outgrown due to the high demand of his specialist hard to get parts it was time for him to expand. The Network Enterprise complex was the perfect choice for accommodating the vast amount of motorcycle parts all under one roof saving time and money with the option to expand even further. Offices and a mezzanine floor due to the 7 meter height advantage have now been installed giving Matt and his company twice the working space. The saleable classic motorcycle items have been meticulously itemised in the new computerised data base giving the business efficiency with total organisation and can be located within minutes. A classic motorcycle part can now be ordered and dispatched the very same day giving his business and customers reliability with dependability and above all, a first class service.

Chief Executive Officer Calvin Samways said "Matt is a welcome addition to the complex, not only is he a nice guy, he is doing a roaring trade and I can see him expanding even further with the passion he has for his evolving specialist motorcycle parts business which has a great and memorable company name that's hard to forget, P.I.M.P"


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